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Sabirlar is a family-owned company which delivers our Turkish hazelnuts – in-shell, shelled, and processed. HACCP has been an integrated part of the company since 1999, a fact which is a clear strength! In 2000 the company also became BRC-certified on level A and has retained that level ever since.
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The Borges concern consists of 36 companies. In existence for more than 100 years, now in its fourth generation, they are focused on production and marketing of oils, dried fruit, almonds, and nuts. We at Bodén & Lindeberg are proud to be their agents. Their foremost products are Spanish almonds and processed American almonds.
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CasaLuker is a traditional family-owned company founded in 1906. Through hard work with cocoa farmers and high investment in the latest technology for the manufacture of chocolate, so that they can offer a wide range of high international quality of chocolate, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, cocoa powder and cocoa beans . CasaLuker, has the mandate to work for environmental sustainability, social, economic and environmental development of cocoa farms. They are members of the World Cocoa Foundation WCF. Thet are holders of international certifications such as HACCP, ISO 9001, Kosher and BASC.

With the opening of CasaLuker Europe in Belgium, in 2009, became CasaLuker a more consolidated group has a strong international focus. They stand out for their experience in the production of Fino de Aroma cocoa. Their international presence is strengthened through our offices in Colombia, Russia, Panama and Ecuador.
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Capuzzo began its history in 1962 with processing of apples, which is still the core of their business. Today however the selection has been expanded to include frozen fruits and vegetables, fruit powder & cereals, fruit syrups, and semi-clear product principally for the bakery & muesli market, all for the purpose of meeting the demands of the market and of clients.
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Moll Marzipan
Moll Marzipan GmbH is a company with tradition. It was established as early as the 1860’s as “Berlin’s Marzipan Factory” and quickly became a forerunner to the German marzipan specialties. Moll produces all kinds of raw pastes, almond-, apricot-, hazelnut-, pistachio-paste, etc. They also process almonds & nuts, candy, spice, and roast to order.
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Sun Maid
Sun Maid has provided service to its clients and customers sedan 1912 by offering premium quality raisins & dried fruits from grape and other fruit farms in California to homes and industries the world over. As a cooperative Sun Maid is owned by grower families who grow raisin grapes, all within the same area between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
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Sunsweet Growers Inc. is the world’s leading producer of dried fruits such as cranberries, apricots, and plums. A co-operative which is marketed by its growers represents a third of the entire world’s plum market. Sunsweet produces more than 50,000 tons of plums each year.
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Tate and Lyle
Refined sugar, syrup, and treacle are used as natural sweeteners, and to provide consistency, colour, and flavour for a large number of food & drink applications. Tate & Lyle is one of the largest cane sugar refineries in the EU, with a production of over 1.3 million tons at their factory in London. We at Bodén & Lindeberg have long been their agent for fondant, syrup, & special products, but have now also begun supplying white sugar under the new EU regimem which took effect in July 2006.
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