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Bodén & Lindeberg is one of Sweden’s leading importers of colonial products such as nuts, almonds, chocolate, cocoa, spices, seeds, dried fruit, sugar, etc. for the bakery, confectionary, and food-stuffs industry, as well as for bakery and restaurant wholesalers in Scandinavia and the Baltic States. Our strength is in providing products from all corners of the world of the highest quality at the lowest price.

To buy the right quality, at the right time, and at the right price requires good knowledge of the market. Through the years we have met this challenge through continual visits to our suppliers all over the world. These contacts are invaluable when it comes to making quick and correct decisions. Personal contacts with the suppliers and knowledge of their strong and weak sides allows us to meet various needs and even provide tailor-made products for specific uses.


Our goal is to be on the forefront when it comes to new products and trends within our market segment. We work as closely as possible with product developers and markets and attend most international trade fairs to keep ourselves up-to-date and to obtain the best knowledge and feedback regarding client needs.

We even have our own production line of spices for the bakery and food-stuffs industry. Here we can produce client-specific blends and package sizes.

The products are stored in and delivered from our own dry and cold storage which means that we can maintain a high level of service and delivery assurance.

Bodén & Lindeberg now has 25 employees. Sales in 2015 amounted to aprox. 400 million SEK. Our office and warehouse are located in Arninge just outside Stockholm.


When C. E. Warberg’s spice shop, with its origins in the 1600’s, was taken over by Axel Bodén in 1862, the history of the company which is today called Bodén & Lindeberg began to be written. At that time spices, coffee, sugar, rice, and schnapps were important goods for spice merchants. Our selection has since been significantly changed and expanded, and we at Bodén & Lindeberg feel pride over being one of Sweden’s oldest companies in the industry. Quality and experience are values we hold high.

Bodén & Lindeberg’s vision is to be a market leader in Scandinavia within our product line by offering the right quality based on our client’s needs, at the best price, and by every comparison to be considered the most attractive service company.

Bodén & Lindeberg’s goal is to be at the forefront when it comes to new products and trends within our market segment, to work as closely as possible with product developers and markets to obtain the best feedback about the needs of our clients. Our goal is to led, not to follow. Bodén & Lindeberg’s goal is to offer such a high level of service that every delivery represents a satisfied client!