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Bodén & Lindeberg as a food-stuffs company is dependent upon a healthy outer environment. It is of utmost importance for us to show respect for nature and contribute to sustainable development by continually working to improve our business from an environmental perspective.

Our approach to environmental issues is based on cyclical thinking. It is obvious that we have a responsibility to conserve natural resources and affect the environment as little as possible.


Bodén & Lindeberg’s environmental goal is to develop and apply working methods and ways of working in a manner which allows us to live up to our environmental policy. We will continually revise our environmental policy so that it corresponds to our striving to minimize the environmental effects of our business.

We will:

  • Conduct our business in accordance with applicable laws and approved business practices and by our own initiative carry out environmental improvements.
  • Work actively to reduce the quantity of refuse and further develop recycling whenever possible within areas such as production, warehousing, and distribution.
  • Reduce emissions and energy usage during storage, production, and transport of our goods and products.
  • Choose packaging which involves the minimum possible environmental effects without neglecting product safety and product quality.
  • Inform our suppliers of our Environmental Policy, since they play an important roll in these environmental efforts. Bodén & Lindeberg’s Environmental Policy shall be known and adhered to by our suppliers.
  • Educate our personnel about environmental issues and encourage them to be environmentally conscious at the workplace, in the home, and out in society.