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Bodén & Lindeberg sees the quality concept as one of the most important elements in our striving towards total client satisfaction. Food safety is included as a natural part of our efforts to create confidence for our clients. Bodén & Lindeberg’s products must be safe, manufactured and transported in a manner which is acceptable to our clients and which is adhered to by our suppliers.

Visual monitoring is performed by all parties involved. Whether tests are to be taken for analysis in a laboratory, how may sacks/boxes are to be checked, and what is to be tested depends upon a number of different factors such as the character of the product, applicable laws, thresholds, country-of-origin & who the supplier is, but above all upon our experience and our client’s wishes. We make use of an external lab, AnalyCen, for our analyses. Furthermore, the majority of the products we purchase come with an analysis certificate enclosed.


For all our products there are product specifications, compiled by a quality manager. The information in these is based upon the information and the guarantees we have received from our suppliers, and upon statistics from our test results. The bulk of our suppliers we have visited, audited, and thereafter approved. The product specifications are monitored and updated on and ongoing basis.

Bodén & Lindeberg strives to ensure that our suppliers operate according to Fair Trade guidelines, i.e. follow standard ILO (International Labour Organisation) guidelines, have a policy which forbids child labour, and adhere to an established ethical standard.

Bodén & Lindeberg is BRC-certified according to the standard’s higher level A. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) has been an integrated part of our quality-control system since 1999.
Read more about the certificate.


Bodén & Lindeberg’s quality-control system is supported above all by our well-trained and dedicated personnel who actively work to see to it that:

  • The products are safe and fulfil the specification requirements and applicable food-stuff legislation.
  • Delivery occurs at the proper time according to the agreed-upon terms
  • We satisfy all our clients’ rightful expectations of reliability and service.

We ensure provision of the right product at the right price with delivery precision by focusing on all contributing factors from raw materials to the finished product delivery to our client, including:

  • Product safety
  • Law adherence
  • Process steering, HACCP
  • Quality assurance
  • Service